Kaminak Gold Corporation

Coffee Gold Project

Leadership in a comprehensive fisheries program — from baseline characterization to habitat offsetting design — and in project-wide terrain stability mapping and hazard assessment

Kaminak Gold Corporation (Kaminak) is advancing the Coffee Gold Project, a proposed open-pit, heap leach gold mine located in the White Gold district of west-central Yukon, approximately 130 km south of Dawson City. Kaminak completed a Preliminary Economic Assessment in 2014, and is currently completing Feasibility and Environmental Baseline studies.

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) was first retained in 2014 to lead the Fish and Aquatic Resources baseline studies and effects assessment in support of project submission to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB). PECG’s baseline studies have characterized fish communities, fish habitat, primary and secondary producers (e.g., periphyton and benthic invertebrates), and sediment quality within the proposed mine area and along the proposed access road from Dawson. PECG also initiated an in-stream flow study in the Coffee Creek watershed in support of the aquatic effects assessment and the ultimate design of a Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan.

In 2015, PECG was asked to expand its scope to include project-wide terrain stability mapping and hazard assessment in support of road engineering design and ultimate project submission to YESAB. PECG’s program commenced with a comprehensive field program targeting slopes underlain by permafrost, and has advanced into detailed mapping based on newly acquired, high-resolution LiDAR survey data and stereo-aerial photography.