Government of Northwest Territories

Diamond Exploration in the Slave Geological Province

Invited role to re-interpret a compilation of public and proprietary Quaternary geology and exploration data sets to support drill program design

The Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO) aims to stimulate increased diamond and metals exploration in the Slave Geological Province of the Northwest Territories through the completion of a two-year, multi-million dollar overburden drilling campaign. Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG), through a subconsultant agreement with Aurora Geosciences Ltd., was invited by the NTGO to help design and review the drilling program by re-interpreting local glacial history, till stratigraphy and dispersal patterns of kimberlite indicator minerals.

Based on an unprecedented compilation of public and proprietary geological, geochemical and topographic data, PECG will re-evaluate glacial transport history in conjunction with mineral dispersal patterns in order to help prioritize sites and orientations for drilling-based till sampling.

Follow-up analysis of the glacial stratigraphy represented in drill logs will achieve NTGO’s objectives of integrating the drilling results with PECG’s established models of glacial dispersal of indicator minerals and geochemical signatures.

Subsequent collaboration with government geologists, academic researchers and exploration companies will strengthen future projects in diamond and metal exploration in the Slave Province.