Sahtu Land and Water Board

Guidance Document for Hydraulic Fracturing in the Mackenzie Valley

Guiding development and protecting the environment

The Sahtu Land and Water Board (SLWB) is one of the four Land and Water Boards that were established by the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act to regulate the use of land and water in the Mackenzie Valley, in the Northwest Territories. The Government of Canada has granted 11 leases for oil and gas hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) operations within the area administered by the SLWB.

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) was retained by Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Limited (HESL) to provide hydrogeological expertise on the potential effects of fracking on surface water and groundwater resources, and to provide requirements to proponents for baseline investigations, environmental monitoring plans and project reviews.

PECG’s expertise in deep sedimentary basin hydrogeology allowed us to make groundwater monitoring recommendations that were commensurate with the actual risks associated with fracking in the Mackenzie Valley.