Fandor Homes

Hydrogeology Study and Feature-Based Water Budget Assessment

Integration of hydrogeology and ecology to recommend LID measures to support wetland function following development

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) was retained by Fandor Homes to carry out a hydrogeological study and feature-specific water budget investigation to support a land development project. A key element of this project is meeting the requirements of the Oak Ridges Moraine Conformity Reporting (ORMCR) through identifying Hydrologically Sensitive Features (HSF), which are groundwater-supported wetlands and watercourses.

PECG designed and implemented a hydrogeology and wetland study to understand both deep and shallow groundwater flow to determine what features were classified as HSFs, and to support site development approvals with TRCA. The next phase of the project involves working with stormwater management engineering staff to design and implement LID measures to maintain the quantity and quality of groundwater following development.