The Municipal Infrastructure Group Inc.

Mayfield West Phase 2 – Feature-Based Water Budget Assessment

Conducting feature-based water budget assessments to protect natural features following development

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) was retained by The Municipal Infrastructure Group Inc. (TMIG) to complete a Feature-Based Water Budget (FBWB) Assessment for the proposed Mayfield West Phase 2 Development located in Caledon, Ontario.

Our study focused on quantifying the potential effects from the proposed development on the water budget of four woodlot/wetland communities, and proposing mitigation (if required) to balance the pre-to-post development water budget. PECG conducted site-specific investigations of each wetland community and analyzed more than 3 years of monitoring data to determine the hydroperiod for each wetland community. We assessed how, when and where water enters these features, either through surface water runoff or groundwater flow, and made specific recommendations focusing on Low Impact Development (LID) measures within the capture zone for each woodlot/wetland to protect these features following development.

The results will be used to support the Functional Servicing Report (FSR) currently being prepared by TMIG.