NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc.

North Island (Hushamu) Project

The right baseline studies, at the right time, for streamlined approvals process

NorthIsle Copper and Gold Inc. (NorthIsle) owns 100% of the North Island Project, a gold, copper, molybdenum and rhenium porphyry containing the Hushamu Deposit, approximately 25 km west of Port Hardy, on northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The project is at the exploration stage, with preliminary engineering and environmental baseline studies ongoing.

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) was retained by NorthIsle to lead the environmental baseline programs and develop a team of environmental experts who can support the project through the environmental assessment process.

PECG’s specific roles include the following:

  • Project manager for Baseline and Environmental Assessment Program
  • Technical lead for Water Quality and Sediment Program
  • Technical lead for Fish and Fish Habitat Program
  • Technical lead for In-stream Flow Assessment