Yukon Geological Survey

Open File 2013-15: Soil Classification for Geochemical Sampling, Klondike Plateau

Leadership in property-scale surficial geology of Yukon’s unglaciated Klondike Plateau leads to publication of “lessons learned” for soil geochemical sampling

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) recently partnered with the Yukon Geological Survey (YGS) to compile and publish the results of several years of detailed investigations of the surficial geology and soils of the unglaciated Klondike Plateau, in west-central Yukon. Concurrent with the YGS’ recent completion of regional-scale (1:50,000) mapping in the region, PECG’s geomorphologists completed property-scale (1:20,000) mapping in support of several gold exploration projects.

The PECG-led Open File publication represents the compilation of insight from both mapping programs on the implications of different ‘landform-soil types’ in the unglaciated Klondike Plateau for the collection and interpretation of soil geochemical data. Case study examples from Kaminak Gold Corporation’s Coffee Gold Project and Independence Gold Corp.’s Snowcap Project are included.

The comprehensive report provides an invaluable resource for prospectors, soil samplers, exploration geologists and geochemists interested in designing more effective and efficient soil sampling programs.