IDM Mining Inc.

Red Mountain Underground Gold Project

Streamlined completion of effects assessments for Water Quality, Sediment Quality, Aquatic Resources, Fish and Fish Habitat, facilitating on-time submission of IDM's application for an Environmental Certificate

IDM Mining’s Red Mountain Underground Gold Project is a proposed gold mine, near the town of Stewart in northeastern British Columbia. The project is situated within the rugged valley of Bitter Creek, which drains a steep, glaciated basin. Bitter Creek flows into Bear River, which flows into the Portland Canal at Stewart.

The Application for an Environmental Certificate/Environmental Impact Statement for the Project was submitted in fall 2016 and is currently in the review stage. In early 2016, IDM retained the PECG team to provide freshwater expertise for the Application.

PECG completed the effects assessments for fisheries, benthic invertebrates, periphyton, and water and sediment quality. The scope of work also covered review of the aquatic baseline report to identify critical data gaps, providing input to the Valued Component (VC) selection document and preliminary draft Application Information Requirements, and preparation of relevant environmental management plans.

Later, PECG was asked to expand its scope to lead the Fisheries Act permitting for the Project. The PECG team has also provided responses to requests for information from regulatory agencies under tight timelines, to advance on schedule toward mine development.