J.F. Sabourin and Associates Inc.

Site- and Feature-Specific Water Budget for the Cardinal Creek Village Development

Protecting baseflow and securing land development approvals through feature-specific water budget analysis

The Cardinal Creek Village (CCV) development is an approximately 208 ha residential, institutional and mixed use commercial land development located along the eastern urban boundary of the City of Ottawa. The approvals process for the CCV development was delayed due to review agency concerns over the protection of post-development baseflow for two on-site watercourses.

Complicating the hydrogeological conditions is the presence of high permeability, solution-enhanced karstic bedrock overlain by low permeability marine clay. Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) was retained to conduct a site-specific and feature-specific water budget to determine the relationship between infiltration and runoff on the site, and to ultimately understand groundwater recharge and discharge as it relates to stream baseflow and protection of groundwater resources.

Through field investigations and a GIS-based water budget model, PECG defined “important recharge areas” on the CCV site and quantified groundwater discharge to the two watercourses. We made recommendations for stormwater management and development layouts to protect natural features supported by groundwater and ultimately obtain agency approvals.