Independence Gold Corp.

Snowcap Project

Cost-effective insight for optimized soil geochemical sampling

Independence Gold Corp. (Independence Gold) is exploring for orogenic-style gold mineralization across its 383 km2 Snowcap (formerly Boulevard) Project, in the unglaciated Dawson Range of west-central Yukon, where discontinuous permafrost, wind-blown silt (loess) and mass movements complicate the collection and interpretation of soil geochemistry data.

Following the original discovery of gold-in-soil anomalies along ridges and spurs, Independence Gold retained Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) to complete detailed Soil Sampling Suitability (‘landform-soil type’) mapping in order to better understand the distribution, characteristics and implications of soils across its property.

Based on detailed, stereoscopic interpretation from aerial photography and strategic field reconnaissance, PECG mapped the types, thicknesses and transport mechanisms of all soils. PECG recommended slope-specific sampling methods and strategies for refining interpretations of different soil anomalies. Independence Gold is using the interpretive mapping to re-interpret its geochemical database and guide future sampling, trenching and drill targets.