Tahltan First Nation and Hydrologic Inc.

Tahltan Lake Sockeye Spawning Enhancement – Hydrogeology & Groundwater Modelling

Providing critical information on groundwater discharge and dissolved oxygen concentrations to support sockeye spawning enhancement design

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) Hydrogeologists, in partnership with groundwater modeling experts from Aquanty Inc., are working collaboratively with scientists from the Tahltan Heritage Resources Environmental Assessment Team to help understand the groundwater flow system that supports sockeye spawning in Tahltan Lake. The ultimate goal is to design and construct a successful sockeye spawning enhancement area. Our ongoing work involves developing a hydrogeological framework for the aquifer up-gradient of the spawning beds and constructing a 2D groundwater flow and transport model in HydroGeoSphere™ to support enhancement scenarios.