Chieftain Metals Corp.

Tulsequah Chief Project

Evaluating potential risks from historic mine discharge on fish

Chieftain Metals Corp. is at an advanced development stage at its Tulsequah Chief Project, located in northwestern British Columbia on the Tulsequah River, approximately 100 km south of Atlin, BC and 65 km northeast of Juneau, Alaska.

Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc. (PECG) water quality specialists teamed up with scientists at Core6 Environmental and Triton Environmental to conduct an aquatic ecological risk assessment (AERA) in the Tulsequah River. The AERA involved detailed review of historic literature and analysis of current water quality data from the mine effluent and receiving environment to evaluate potential risks to local aquatic biota as a result of discharge from the historic mine portals on the property.

PECG’s key role in the advancement of this project, which has generated international interest, is highlighted in a January 15, 2014 press release: