Tercot Management Inc.

Acquisition Due Diligence in Southern Ontario

Preliminary geotechnical, Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), and natural heritage investigations to support property purchase.

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Tercot Management Inc. was required to assess the environmental conditions of an agricultural property with a residential dwelling in support of property acquisition, and to assess the bearing capacity of the soil for land development acquisition and ensuing municipal servicing and permitting.

Tercot Management Inc.
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Terrestrial Ecology
May 2020

What We're Doing

Palmer was retained to assess the environmental conditions of the property and identify potential land development limitations through cost-effective integration of Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and geotechnical investigations. Our support characterized the potential developable area, as guidance for the proposed site plan, and identified policy implications and considerations associated with the site. The ESAs assessed the presence of potential on-site and off-site sources of environmental concern. We then advanced boreholes and installed groundwater monitoring wells across the property to support assessment of soil and groundwater chemical quality. A preliminary geotechnical assessment assessed site physiography, soil conditions, bearing capacities for foundations, earth pressures, and pavement thickness requirements for construction and development. The natural heritage features were reviewed to identify and characterize constraints and opportunities for development.

Environmental Due Diligence

Assessments that identify and investigate the chemical quality of soil and groundwater associated with areas of potential environmental concern in support of property acquisitions and dispositions, property financing, and land development approvals.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is the study of the behaviour of soils under the influence of loading forces and soil-water interactions. This knowledge is applied to the design of foundations, retaining walls, earth dams, clay liners, and geosynthetics for waste containment.

Terrestrial Ecology

Multi-disciplinary investigation of terrestrial ecosystems at regional, local and site-specific scale. Analysis includes species interaction with the environment and relevant sensitivities to resource and land development, as well as identification of potentially sensitive terrestrial elements such as groundwater-dependent wetlands, species at risk and critical habitat which may influence project timing and agency approvals.