Ascot Resources Ltd

Permit Application Development for the Premier Gold Project in Northwestern BC

Palmer took the lead on Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality technical work with multidisciplinary studies to support the advancement of mine permitting process and support the client through regulatory engagement.

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Ascot Resources owns the Premier Gold Mine Project in the Golden Triangle mining region of BC, and is advancing the project into operations. Ascot retained Palmer to lead and manage water and load balance development, hydrogeology, hydrology, geochemistry, water quality and aquatic biology baseline studies, effects assessment and management/monitoring plans related to water disciplines in order to support their reopening of the Premier Gold Mine. Palmer is preparing the corresponding sections for a joint Mines Act and Environmental Management Act permit amendment application.

Ascot Resources Ltd
  • Hydrogeology
  • Hydrology
  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Water Quality
June 2018 — Ongoing

What We're Doing

The Palmer team is proactively supporting Ascot in advancing the reopening of the Premier Mine. This has included site characterization of this historic mine including water quality, hydrology & climate, hydrogeology, geochemistry and fisheries baseline with co-development of studies and assessment methods with Indigenous and Provincial Governments. Utilizing our hydrogeological, water and load balance models, Palmer is engaged in integrated mine design driving toward regulatory approvals and the resumption of mining.


Site-specific assessments using engineering and environmental methodologies to characterize the physical and chemical conditions of groundwater chemistry in support of design and permitting for clients in the mining, aggregate, land development and infrastructure sectors.


Hydrology is the study of water systems, their occurrence and movement in relation to the environment and its hydrologic cycle. Application of hydrology is used to assess water quality, quantity, risks and availability.

Aquatic Ecology

Industry-leading fisheries science consulting and aquatic services assisting in minimizing project effects on fish and complying with environmental legislation. Assessment of fish population dynamics, food web interactions, fish health and aquatic habitats amid human-induced impacts supporting monitoring, permitting and habitat compensation planning.

Water Quality

Water Quality refers to the balance of differentiated inputs both chemical, physical, and biological to a specific water body over time. An integral part of environmental permitting and assessment for numerous industries who must characterize their outputs against government regulation and the needs of water using stakeholders.