High Point Industrial Parks Inc.

Potential Environmental Concerns Associated with an Industrial Property

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to support property re-financing.

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High Point Industrial Parks Inc. was required to provide a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to its commercial lender as part of the mortgage approval process.

The ESA enabled the lender to assess the level of environmental risk associated with the property and highlight any ‘red flags’ related to the site prior to approving the mortgage renewal. A multi-disciplinary firm specializing in ESAs was needed to investigate and identify the presence of any areas of potential environmental concern.

High Point Industrial Parks Inc.
  • Environmental Due Diligence
March 2020

What We're Doing

Palmer’s Environmental Due Diligence team was retained to assess the environmental conditions of a light industrial property in support of property re-financing activities. Are there potential sources of environmental concern posing a risk to the site? The Phase I ESA included a review of historical records for the property and all properties within a 250 m radius, site reconnaissance to examine current environmental conditions, interviews with knowledgeable individuals and regulatory officials, and reporting to summarize the findings of the investigation.

Environmental Due Diligence

Assessments that identify and investigate the chemical quality of soil and groundwater associated with areas of potential environmental concern in support of property acquisitions and dispositions, property financing, and land development approvals.