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Rehabilitation of a Petroleum-Impacted Site in Southern Ontario

Soil remediation to support the filing of a Record of Site Condition and building permit application with the local municipality

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Previous environmental investigations conducted at a site in southern Ontario identified two localized areas of soil impacted by petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC). The soil impacts were associated with the presence of a former diesel underground storage tank and fuel pump activities.

Soil remediation was required to file a Record of Site Condition with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks in support of a building permit application with the local municipality. An environmental consultant was needed to oversee an environmental contractor to conduct the removal of the impacted soil.

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  • Environmental Due Diligence
May 2020

What We're Doing

Palmer oversaw the removal of approximately 200 cubic metres of PHC-impacted soil and conducted a verification sampling program in order to confirm all remaining soil met the applicable site condition standards. Once the verification sampling program was complete, Palmer oversaw the importation of backfill material and conducted an additional verification sampling program prior to use of the imported material as backfill. All PHC-impacted soil was removed and disposed of off-site, and the site was restored to meet the applicable site condition standards. Subsequently, a Record of Site Condition was filed with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks for the site.

Environmental Due Diligence

Assessments that identify and investigate the chemical quality of soil and groundwater associated with areas of potential environmental concern in support of property acquisitions and dispositions, property financing, and land development approvals.