Yamana Gold Ontario Inc.

Surficial Exploration at the Monument Bay Project in Northeastern Manitoba

Optimizing gold exploration through surficial mapping, management of drill-supported till sampling, and evaluation of geochemical and mineralogical data

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The Monument Bay property has known gold mineralization, but the surficial setting hinders standard mineral exploration methods.

As a result, much of the property remained under-explored. Since the summer of 2018, Palmer has been on contract with Yamana Gold Ontario Inc. to contribute our recognized expertise in the application of surficial geology to optimize exploration of its Monument Bay property, in northern Manitoba.

Yamana Gold Ontario Inc.
  • Drift Prospecting
August 2018 - ongoing

What We're Doing

Surficial exploration techniques were historically underutilized or unsuccessful in the Monument Bay project area due to complex stratigraphy and extensive cover of glacial lake sediments. Palmer completed property-scale interpretations of the surficial geology and stratigraphy as a foundation for designing an appropriate exploration program, collected high-quality till samples, and evaluated their analytical results. Subglacial till units were targeted in the stratigraphy and sampled with reverse circulation (RC) drill support during summer and challenging winter conditions. Our qualified specialists interpreted the genesis of the drill cuttings to ensure subglacial till was sampled. Geochemical and mineralogical data were analysed using multivariate techniques to identify anomalies associated with gold mineralization. With the successful identification of several prospective areas, Palmer is now focused on a follow-up program to refine the anomalies and help identify and prioritize targets for diamond drilling.

Drift Prospecting

Our exploration-focused surficial geology mapping is used to inform the collection of high-quality samples and the interpretation of their analytical results to generate lower-risk exploration targets.