Kennady Diamonds Inc.

Diamond Exploration in the Slave Geological Province

Interpretation of surficial geology and exploration data and identification of diamond exploration targets

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Palmer was contracted by Aurora Geoscience Ltd. on behalf of Kennady Diamonds Inc. for our expertise in the application of surficial geology to exploration.

Detailed surficial geology mapping was produced for the property and used to validate and standardize existing surficial exploration data and provide a detailed account of the complex glacial history that informed the data evaluation and generation of lower-risk diamond exploration targets.

Kennady Diamonds Inc.
  • Drift Prospecting
June 2017 — Ongoing

What We're Doing

After previous surficial exploration efforts have had difficulties confidently identifying exploration targets, due to a complex glacial history, our detailed surficial mapping revealed that deglacial processes had a significant impact on the distribution of indicator minerals that are used to define exploration targets. By evaluating the effects of the deglacial processes on indicator mineral distributions and concentrations, Palmer provided lower-risk exploration targets and determined site-specific recommendations for successful follow-up exploration. The success to date has led to the expansion of the project that will focus on the collection and evaluation of new data in areas that were previously under-explored, and a more detailed evaluation of the previously identified targets in conjunction with bedrock and geophysics data sets.

Drift Prospecting

Our exploration-focused surficial geology mapping is used to inform the collection of high-quality samples and the interpretation of their analytical results to generate lower-risk exploration targets.