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TREK: Surficial Geology Mapping and Mineral Exploration in Central British Columbia

A multi-faceted mineral exploration program supporting a fundamental pillar of BC’s economy

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Mineral exploration and development play a fundamental role in British Columbia’s economy, although in many places it is often hindered by thick glacial drift obscuring underlying bedrock.

The surficial component of Geoscience BC’s Targeting Resources for [mineral] Exploration and Knowledge (TREK) program was a multi-faceted program designed to provide a high-quality, publicly available surficial data set and mineral exploration targets over a 24 000 km2 study area in a prospective region of central British Columbia.

Geoscience BC
  • Drift Prospecting
April 2013 — January 2018

What We're Doing

TREK was a collaborative partnership between Noble Exploration Ltd. and Palmer, ultimately supported by Geoscience BC and the British Columbia Geological Survey. Palmer provided expertise in surficial geology mapping, sample collection and data evaluation. This area in central British Columbia is highly prospective for economic mineralization; however, exploration efforts in Central BC have been hindered by thick surficial deposits complicating traditional mineral exploration methods. Using a multi-media, multi-faceted methodology and a novel approach to sediment transport modeling, the project accomplished the goal of generating new exploration targets (nearly 100 in study area). This project provided a unique opportunity to conduct an exploration program that spanned data collection all the way to target delineation that was optimized by a comprehensive understanding of surficial geology and a deliberate focus on data quality. This project resulted in increased claim staking in the TREK project area and the proven methodology has since been applied by Palmer to both government and private projects across western and northern Canada.

Drift Prospecting

Our exploration-focused surficial geology mapping is used to inform the collection of high-quality samples and the interpretation of their analytical results to generate lower-risk exploration targets.