Water Use and Intake Permitting, Monitoring and Ongoing Effects Compliance on the Wapiti River

Dynamic and multifaceted water taking projects for infrastructure compliance and environmental effects monitoring

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Aquatera Utilities supplies water to the city of Grande Prairie, the town of Sexsmith and other urban and rural customers in the Grande Prairie Region, AB. Aquatera needed to further their compliance efforts and regulatory bandwidth to support the cities’ need for water.

Palmer was brought on to represent Aquatera from a technical standpoint in order to better align its infrastructure based water supply mission with the Wapiti River’s stakeholders, Government, First Nations’, and environmental advocates. Palmer’s technical expertise and past experience managing such complex relationships gave Aquatera and their goals the technical support necessary to succeed.

  • Hydrology
  • Aquatic Ecology
2010 - 2018

What We're Doing

Palmer was initially engaged by Aquatera to design and implement a collaborative aquatic study that satisfied water license renewal requirements and harmonized their approach with the other users of the Wapiti River receiving environment. From the success of this initial project, the relationship that Aquatera and Palmer have built continued to grow because of Palmer’s foresight and ability to provide longterm strategic technical support. This combined effort came to fruition through various other bodies of work involving the Wapiti River which included creating a Coordinated Monitoring Approach Plan (CMAP), developing a receiving water cumulative effects study, and a large scope of sampling work for water and sediment quality, and for benthic and algal communities. Aquatera continues to be one of the strongest and longest-standing client relationships that Palmer has had since its inception.


Hydrology is the study of water systems, their occurrence and movement in relation to the environment and its hydrologic cycle. Application of hydrology is used to assess water quality, quantity, risks and availability.

Aquatic Ecology

Industry-leading fisheries science consulting and aquatic services assisting in minimizing project effects on fish and complying with environmental legislation. Assessment of fish population dynamics, food web interactions, fish health and aquatic habitats amid human-induced impacts supporting monitoring, permitting and habitat compensation planning.