City of Mission
Sturgeon Monitoring for Fraser River Forcemain Installation

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Palmer secured DFO authorization and performed aquatic environmental monitoring during the installation of the Mission forcemain in Lower Mainland BC.

Project Sector
Project Services
  • Fish & Aquatic Resources
  • Fluvial Geomorphology

Project Description

British Columbia’s Fraser River contains the largest population of White Sturgeon (a protected Species at Risk) in North America. The replacement of a forcemain crossing the Fraser River from Mission to Abbotsford required the cutting of a wide 1 km-long trench. This work posed a potential risk to the fish population and required a Fisheries Act Authorization from DFO to ensure minimal impact on the endangered White Sturgeon population in the river.

Palmer was hired to obtain the authorization on behalf of the City of Mission, including development of the design for an off-channel over-wintering pond as part of habitat offsetting, and to conduct environmental monitoring to verify that no White Sturgeon would be impacted by the project.

We monitored the aquatic environment, both in the river and in the dredgate, using side-scan sonar, jetboats, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The project was successfully completed with no identifiable impact on the White Sturgeon or other fish populations in the river.

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